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hidden agendas Hover or tap the image to reveal the character’s secret. .twitter img {background;} Twitter displays feed images on a white background, but when clicked, the larger image opens on a black background. The double image is created by utilizing different opacities of white and black.

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Protected: On the Pharm

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Seeking gigs in LA
Freelance / fulltime


Burn the book. I'm not attached to my past work. I'm interested in creating not preserving.

Here are characteristics of the sort of projects I seek:

  • conceptual, spatial, experiential
  • high-risk, high-reward
  • may cause discomfort, surprise or shock
  • messy and boundary-bending
  • collaborative and plays to a team's strengths

Code words: This site represents my continuing yet intermittent self-education of WordPress (and associated code) over the last dozen years. (There's still a Flash portfolio site somewhere around here.) The CSS is not pretty. I recently began the task of building a portfolio site from a fresh offline WP install. This is exciting because I get to start from scratch and think of code as poetry instead of a free-writing journal.